Every year Painted Dreams Farm does its part to rescue several horses from the horrors of the slaughter house.  Due to the economy and other extenuating circumstances of owners, many wonderful horses and ponies end up at auction every month.  We are proud to announce that we have successfully saved, rehabilitated, retrained, and placed dozens of such horses and ponies since our inception in 2005.  Below, meet a few of our “happily ever afters”……….

Meet Maverick
Before and After :)




Meet Francis, Pete and RePete

Our 2 spotted mini Donkeys, Pete and RePete, as well as Francis, a tiny pregnant female, were all left at the auction house to be sold as meat. We should really have called them Cute, Cuter, and Cutest! Who could leave them there? They now all have wonderful loving homes!

Meet Sherlock
The first two photos are of Sherlock during his rehabilition and then after enjoying a stroll through the creek.

Meet Jack

Jack on the left the day he was rescued. On the right with his new mom.


Meet Dallas
A day at Painted Dreams Farm on the left and heading to his forever home on the right.

Meet Blue
One of our favorite rescue horses. Blue was saved from the kill pen. He's been a perfect boy since the day we got him and he now works at a therapeutic riding academy.

Meet Chevy

Meet Ike
Ike the day he was rescued from the slaughter truck and Ike after rehab!

Meet Simba
Simba, the little pony on the right is saying hello to a new friend.


Meet Tonka
Tonka  was rescued from slaughter in 2009.  He was emaciated, covered in a skin fungus, and had severe infections of his hooves.  He was afraid of people and didn’t understand having a rider on his back.  After an extensive period of rehabilitation, and an amazing amount of patience and training from the Painted Dreams Farm Staff, he was a favorite at the farm.  He was easily jumping an 18 inch course willingly and happily.  He was placed with a wonderful family, and became a dream come true for a very special 7 year old girl……………


Meet Disco
Disco was rescued in 2010.  When he came to us he looked like a skeleton and was infiltrated with worms, but was still as sweet and charming as could be.  Disco didn’t understand too much about what was being asked of him, but always tried to do what he thought we wanted, and created many hysterical memories that way.  After 9 months of medical care, rehab, and training, he charmed his way into the heart of a woman who plans on training him as a cross country and endurance mount.  Best of Luck Disco.

Meet Gunnar
Gunnar was a 5 year old Paint horse who ended up at the auction simply because his owners could no longer afford to keep him.  He was sweet, well mannered, and in terms of an auction horse, in good health.  Gunnar had some bad habits and it appeared that he might have been abused in the past.  These were resolved by consistent gentle work. He was a favorite lesson horse at the barn for many years, but due to a minor tendon issue can no longer jump.  He was placed with a fabulous family as the world's best trail horse!