Hi Maria!

This email has been in my head to write for a while now and I kept putting it off, but today something clicked for me and I think it is the right time to write and send this. You may want to grab your favorite beverage, because this might get a bit lengthy@@ LOL

I want to tell you how inspired I am by you and your efforts at Painted Dreams Farm. Needless to say, the farm, itself, is really beautiful. It's layout and tranquil setting among the woods and pastures is wonderful. Everything in and around all the barns is clean, pristine, organized and safe for the horses and people (and cats and dogs!!).

Your care of the horses is what really appeals to me, because I am a CRAZY person when it comes to advocating for animals. They are extremely well cared for, well trained, calm, and thought about beyond their equine roots... they seem to be treated like a family. I see it in most of their eyes, and feel it when I am around them. I feel GOOD being at Painted Dreams Farm from the inside out.

Your staff is amazing... knowledgeable, very professional and yet so down to earth friendly. They have taken me under their wing and allow me to ask questions while we work (no, I do not slow them down at all, and I believe I am an asset to the work while I am there because I keep up and even volunteer to do things for them and the farm), they allow me to do many things with trust that I can handle it and that makes me feel very good!!! I am learning about the care of horses!! YAY!! I wish I could be there more than one day a week to help and ride and BE with the horses.

The trainers are amazing, too... I have seen people working with the horses as I do my work and I am impressed with how kind they are, yet very effective in their corrections and in the way they do the corrections. You are GREAT with your training skills and how you impart them to adults and kids alike. I loved our group classes and I miss them!!!
I adore Mary as my private trainer, as we have such a "connection" at an energetic level. She is exactly what I would look for in a trainer, coming from my inner perspective of life and connections and all. I am just in awe at the abilities of a horse to connect so deeply.

Ok, I guess by now you realize I am VERY passionate about the whole horse package on this planet thing, and your facility and YOU make it HAPPEN for me. Thank you!!! Thank you.

It is my desire to own a horse... and perhaps someday I will even have my own place to keep my horse and other horses, as well. In the meantime, I can continue getting my equine fix at Painted Dreams Farm!!! I told Krista that when I am able to really buy a horse I will take her and you and Mary along to find just the right one for me!!

I just wanted you to know how special a person you are to give so much to horses and people!! Kudo's!!


Dear Maria,

I would like to express to you how happy my entire family has been since coming to Painted Dreams Farm.  My two horses are exceptionally cared for and have transformed into relaxed, healthy horses. I have not worried once about their well-being since being at your farm. They are fed a wonderful diet, wormed on a routine basis, and handled by a caring and professional staff. They are turned out in a beautiful pasture together and have plenty of room to run and play.

The lessons at painted Dreams have also exceeded my expectations. Both my daughters' riding skills have improved dramatically under the guidance of your trainers. They are taught horsemanship, safety, and correct riding skills. They have become confident, secure riders. They have also had the opportunity to experience more than just "ring riding." The outings to the beach and hunter paces have shown them a whole new side of riding.

Thank you again for creating such a wonderful, relaxed equestrian environment. The people at Painted Dreams, both staff and clientele, are what make your farm such an inviting place.

Sharon Simons

We have been boarding our horse at Painted Dreams Farm for almost two years. The facility is new and beautiful; there are plenty of pastures, and they have indoor and outdoor arenas. However, the thing with which we have been most impressed is the care they give the horses. We are always confident that our horse is being properly fed, given sufficient turnout, and that his health is utmost in the minds of those who care for him. The barn also has a variety of trainers who give instruction in various riding styles and skill levels, and the atmosphere there is friendly. It is comfortable and fun to interact with the staff, other riders, boarders and their families. We are very happy to be at Painted Dreams.

~ Judy

My Daughter and I came to Painted Dreams Farm in February of 2009 as part of the Mommy and Me classes offered through the Northampton Parks and Recreation. My first impression of this farm was that it is extremely clean and the horses all appeared to be very well cared for. As a person who grew up riding and showing in the Bucks County area I can say that the staff here is not only professional, but knows how to have fun as well. While my daughter is challenged to try new things at every lesson she has never been pressured to do anything she is uncomfortable with and her safety has always been first. My daughter's confidence has grown with both riding and caring for the horses and lesson day is what she looks forward to all week long.
After 9 long years I decided to ride again an am happy to see that there are lesson horses available for more advanced riders and trainers for almost any discipline of riding you could want to try. I cannot say enough regarding the way the owner, Maria, and all of her trainers care about the students and the horses. I would highly recommend Painted Dreams farm to riders of all ages and experience levels as a great place to begin or continue your equestrian education.

Kristen and Devyn Borden

Why I Love Painted Dreams Farm
I love Painted Dreams Farm because the horses are awesome. The trainers are so nice, and there is an indoor arena. In lessons we do a lot of fun things like jumping. I love every minute of it! I wish I could live there.

~ Meghan

I cannot imagine a more lovely horse farm for my horse to live and for me to visit, work, and play. All of the staff members are wonderful and helpful. One of the most important items for me was the response time I received from Maria and the other staff members. I was looking for a home for my horse and a school for lessons. Most of the other barns took a few days to get back to me or I had to call and call. When I called Painted Dreams Horse Farm I received a call an hour later. When I needed a ride for my horse to the barn he was picked up in 48 hours by a very talented horse woman who manages aspects of the farm and gives riding instruction. I feel my riding partner is looked after with care and affection when I am not there. What a great feeling to have.

Another important reason I came to PDHF was the level of instruction and the choice of disciplines. Maria hooked me up with Mary who practices natural horsemanship to support her high level dressage instruction. Mary is an amazing teacher and lovely rider. Maria keeps the learning atmosphere professional and developmental. It is important to her to allow riders with different goals and riding disciplines to flourish. Hunter/jumper, dressage, and western pleasure are three specific deciplines I am aware of however I follow a natural horsemanship path. It supports my learning more and I receive lots of encouragement and support from my barn mates and instructors. There is a full instruction schedule in place with group and private lessons available inside the beautiful covered arena along with a groomed outdoor ring in nice weather. After your lesson many of the students take a ride around the farm on the path in and around paddocks and thru lovely fields that make living in Bucks County an uplifting experience.

A bonus was to find other adult riders who were coming back to riding or trying it for the first time. I have met some fun people to share my experience with. All in all I can't imagine a better place for Ty and I to grow and have fun.

~ Linda

As part of the 50+ crowd, my friend Karen and I have talked for years how we'd like to go riding. Along comes Painted Dream Farms with not only amazing instruction but some of the most beautiful horses we've seen. For us, every week is an adventure as one never knows (but can request) which horse we will ride. Nestled in 30 aces of amazing farmland, we often see deer lope along the outside corrals, not to mention a few peacocks and other pets.. We've even attended 2 days of an adult boot camp- where we learned how to take care of the horses and equipment. Truly a hands on experience—and we can't wait until Saturday for our class. Riding is investment of time, energy and exercise—and above all fun! We're only sorry it took us so long to join! Can't say enough about Painted Dreams, the owner Maria, and the other instructors and helpers!

~ Janice and Karen

I always wanted to go to a Dude Ranch, so two years ago decided to take a few lessons before I went, hoping I wouldn't look too much like a city slicker when I got there. Little did I know that I would get hooked on riding after just a few lessons! Painted Dreams has always been very patient with me as an adult learner (kids learn so much faster!) and very accommodating to my unconventional work schedule. After only two years of lessons, I now have the confidence to ride in the mountains and sage covered desserts, even participating in week-long cattle drives out west. Riding has opened up a whole new way for me to see the world!

~ B. Kelley

Being an older adult who has ridden for years I came to Painted Dreams Farm with the usual 'adult' issues! It has been almost two years now and I have had the opportunity to ride many different horses, each helping me to become a better, more confident rider. The horses are all well trained and the atmosphere always friendly and relaxed. I wish I could fit more 'horse' time into my schedule as my time at Painted Dreams Farm always puts a smile on my face!

Painted Dreams Farm is an excellent place to learn to ride and to take care of horses. My 8 year old granddaughter has been riding there for about 2 years and my 5 year old granddaughter has been riding there for about 6 months. The riding instructors are professional, pleasant, and attentive. They want their students to have a good time while learning to ride and tack up their horses. The stables are well kept, clean, and there are indoor and outdoor riding rings. There are horses for different riding levels. If a student is interested in riding in shows they can ride in the Painted Dreams shows or go to outside shows. The instructors stress teamwork with the students rather than competitiveness. Probably the most important thing I can say is that my granddaughters never want to miss their lessons and they would love to spend even more time at the stables.

~ Mary Lou Trout, grandmother of Kaitlyn and Emma Sottile

I started at the farm as a summer camper two years ago, and then my interests in equestrian care expanded. I was offered an opportunity to help the trainers during summer camp this summer as a CIT, as spent most of my summer days at the farm. I loved it so much! Love being around the horses and my friends at the farm! Maria makes us all feel welcome at the farm. I learn a lot through Maria and the other trainers. I made a lot more friends than I expected to make. I love the horses I get to ride, whether in my CIT Lesson or in my regular lesson. The farm makes me feel at home, we are like one big family.

~ Tiffany

Dear Maria,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for the outstanding facility you have created.  My daughter started riding at Painted Dreams over a year ago.  We have been at several farms over the years and none of them have met our needs.  Painted Dreams Farm has proven to be exactly what we were looking for in an equestrian facility.  The staff is knowledgeable and friendly.  My daughter's skills as a rider have improved dramatically under the direction of her trainers.  She has become a confident and secure rider.  I truly appreciate that safety is a primary concern at your facility and it shows in every aspect of the farm.  The lesson horses and ponies are of the highest quality and are suitable and reliable for all levels of riders.  The most important reason I am so satisfied with Painted Dreams is that my daughter leaves every lesson with a smile on her face and can't wait to get back for her next lesson.  She has made many new friends and loves to be at the farm.  Thank you again for providing us with such a great farm.

Sincerely, Gene Kennedy

"My life as a 'horse nut' started as a retirement gift from my daughter for 6 riding lessons. I discovered a wonderful new pastime; great source of exercise and endurance; knowledgeable, friendly staff; safe relaxed atmosphere; and interesting fellow students. Best of all - bonding with a large intelligent animal that enjoys performing for you."

~ Dieter

We love you and everything about your farm! This is by far the best farm we have ever been to. Thanks for your commitment to the kids, we really appreciate it!

Hope to see you soon, Christine Nelson

This is our third year at Painted Dreams Farm and we could not be happier. At Painted Dreams we have found the instructors to be knowledgeable and caring, the environment is a little more relaxed and less pressured than other horse training centers, and the facility itself is beautiful, maintained well, and state of the art. Our 9-year-old daughter, Emma has flourished in this new environment. Her level of confidence, as well as her riding skills, have improved dramatically since coming to Painted Dreams and we attribute this growth to the talented instructors. There is a diverse choice of quality ponies and horses to ride that keep her safe and yet appropriately challenged. Both our daughter and son have attended the pony summer camp here and they loved every minute of it. We have also had Emma's birthday party here and it was hands down the best birthday party she has ever had, lots of riding time for all the kids meant endless smiles. We are grateful to have found such a quality riding facility that is a pleasure to come to each week!

~ The Shipley Family